parent pack

From the tooth fairy

for The tooth fairy

ToFrom the tooth fairy

Combine both packs for a really magical adventure. 

Our special Parent pack includes our Message cards, letters and envelopes - To & From the Tooth Fairy. 

The pack contains:

  • 5 Message cards to the Tooth Fairy
  • 5 Letters from the Tooth Fairy
  • 5 Miniature envelopes from the Tooth Fairy
  • 5 Magical white teeth 




message to the tooth fairy 

Let your child write a cute message to the Tooth Fairy.

​These set of five delicate message cards are for your child to send to the Tooth Fairy. There is a small space for a short message to the Tooth Fairy, a small envelope on the front, large enough for one tooth and another small space for your child's name. 

​These are slightly larger than a credit card.

Letters From the tooth fairy

A little bit of magic with room for a special gift. .

​5 miniature envelopes and letters from the Real Tooth Fairy. Each of the 5 letters different and has a special magical message for your child.

Each envelope will comfortably fit one letter and one coin of your choice. Also included in each pack are 5 shiny teeth. These can be used in the envelope or as a gift inside.
The envelope will fit the following coins: £, Euro, $ US and CA, Kroner and many more (coins not included)


do you believe?


The Real Tooth Fairy