The Real Tooth Fairy

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The tooth fairy tradition has been around for well over a century, throughout Europe and America. Some traditions began with burying the tooth and later leaving them outside on a window sill, as with many of our legends and traditions time causes changes and the Tooth Fairy began to discover teeth hidden safely under children's pillows in the early 19th Century. 

However and where ever the event has taken place the tooth fairy has always left a small token in return for the little tooth. 

These beautiful and delicate letters, envelopes and magical teeth are all made to compliment current traditions and allow your little boy or girl to interact with the Tooth Fairy and ensure we keep this exciting and precious traditional alive, for our children's children and beyond.

The real Tooth Fairy experience

The Real Tooth Fairy experience allows you to share a magical moment with your child using these unique gifts and letters, each presented in it's very own tiny envelope. 

Tooth Fairy

Do you  believe?


Bring the Tooth Fairy to life in your home, time and time again!

Where tradition, mystery and legend meet with the innocence of childhood magic! 

Create a really magical moment for you little girl or boy with a little help from the Real Tooth Fairy!


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